#7 – Lloyd Gregory: Coaching Theory and Practice

iCoachTableTennis is a new table tennis blog aimed at coaches. It was started by Lloyd Gregory and Daniel Ives (from episode five and six) in March 2015 and on today’s ETT podcast I’m joined by Lloyd.

The idea behind the blog is to bridge the gap between the coaching theory and research Lloyd began learning about during his MSc in Performance Coaching and the typical table tennis coaching environment. Both Lloyd and Dan have been producing articles that apply current coaching theory to the actual practice of coaching table tennis in the real world.

In this episode we learn a little more about Lloyd and the new blog, as well as digging into a few of their most recent blog posts. If you are a table tennis coach I’m sure you will find some of the ideas Lloyd has to share really interesting, and if you are a player there is plenty for you too!

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Lloyd got into table tennis.
  • Why he decided to start iCoachTableTennis.
  • The differences between what he learnt on UKCC coaching courses and at university.
  • How to understand and evaluate true learning.
  • Some technique that can increase your speed of learning.
  • Tips for making service practice more enjoyable and valuable.
  • Which is better; group or one-to-one training?
  • How to get into coaching and continue improving your coaching practice.
  • Who Lloyd enjoys following on Twitter for new ideas.

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